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Vineyard Team - (left to right) Ben, Cat, Montse and Mark

Our vineyards offer a diverse collection of over 80 individual sites, each expressing their terroir through many styles of wine.

Due to Akarua's vast range of sites and parcels across six vineyards, diversity of fruit flavour, character and structure is growing naturally out of the ground. The complexity in Akarua wines is primarily vineyard derived and whether the wines are blended across different parcels or expressions of a single block, they benefit from the uniqueness of each site. Viticulturist Mark Naismith farms the Akarua estate sustainably, encouraging each parcel to balance naturally and find its own voice. The Viticulture team farm in a way that is best for each parcel, always being mindful of treading lightly on the land, and with an eye on for the future. Since purchasing Central Otago's oldest certified organic vineyard in 2018, Akarua has launched into organic farming and is converting a second vineyard to organic certification. Regenerative projects such as composting of grape skins, mulching, soil enrichment, cover cropping, undervine weeding, native replanting and sheep grazing all contribute to improving the health and balance of the Akarua estate.

In the winery, the fruit arrives and offers a range of complex flavours and structures. Having this natural spectrum of light and shade in the raw product allows our winemakers to layer the pieces of the vineyard puzzle into place; creating multi-faceted wines of great intrigue without the shroud of wine-making artefact. Additions including sulphur are kept to a minimum by using techniques including whole bunch pressing, encouraging wild yeast ferments, preserving natural acidity, whole bunch ferments and scrupulous attention to maintenance and cleanliness. At every step, the winemaking team looks to decrease energy and chemical use in the winery.

The Akarua team are committed to producing delicious wines speaking clearly of their beautiful alpine vineyards, while remaining respectful of the land and looking after their customers.

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