Edmond de Rothschild
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The art of living
The philosophy of Edmond de Rothschild Heritage. It embodies an art of living in which the land, people and centuries-old know-how combine to reveal what is best about life. Generation after generation, through their energy, curiosity and boldness, the Edmond de Rothschild family continue an ancient legacy that each day pays tribute to all epicureans.
Our commitments
Cultivate excellence
The source of our most valuable expertise, it nourishes, inspires and magnifies it. Excellence is what transforms each of our age-old methods into absolute mastery, allowing us to reveal the richness of each terroir, each estate and each crop.
Maintain passion
Not to be confused with hot-headed energy, passion is a thirst for perfection that pushes us to optimize each gesture and to continually develop our expertise. It makes us bolder, ready to push
back the boundaries of excellence.
Restore authenticity
That is what is at the heart of our quest for meaning, reconnecting us to what is rarest and most precious in nature, to allow us to magnify its wealth and extract all aspects of our heritage.
Global focus
With a presence in four continents, Edmond de Rothschild Heritage has expertise in areas as varied as vineyards, gastronomy, hospitality and well-being. Each of these specialist areas follows the same philosophy: to reveal its full potential in order to offer a unique epicurean experience, respectful of the land, people and heritage.
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