About Us
Regenerative Viticulture
Feeding the soil to feed the vine.
The vineyard has been managed sustainably under regenerative organic viticultural practices over the last 5 years: winter and summer cover crops of diverse species, microorganisms, nutrient cycling and the development of complex soil structures.

Intended for resilient vines that will last for decades, producing true expressions of their terroir.

Rimapere also uses organic products after a meticulous assessment to only use what is needed when it is needed.

Rimapere is under accreditation for sustainable viticulture (Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand), the original and one of the best sustainable systems (independent audits every three years).

The estate has also undertaken an organic certification process. The 2024 vintage will be fully BioGro certified.
Our Philosophy
A precision viticulture
"We respect local knowledge and the work of our predecessors by adding our own know-how into the mix, we bring innovation and reflection as to what a “haute couture”, precision vineyard in Marlborough should be, compared to industrialised viticulture” adds Anne Escalle - Estate Manager for Rimapere & Akarua
Respect for the soil
"At Rimapere, every vine plant is considered individually. We are the keepers of this New Zealand character so prized by the markets and so valued by consumers worldwide".
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